When every one of us moved into our house, there was only a wood stove

When every one of us purchased our property a couple of years ago, there was a lot of toil left to be done on it! It was definitely a fixer upper but every one of us thought that every one of us would be up for the challenge, however the two of us did a ton of toil on the venue, but there is still a lot to be done, but one of the first things that every one of us needed to do was upgrade the heating system, and when every one of us first moved in, it was in the fall & the weather was already cooling off.

The only source of heating in the lake house at that point was this easily outdated wood stove & every one of us definitely didn’t want to have to split wood all Winter time long to keep the lake house warm! So of course, a single of the first things that every one of us did was call & make an appointment with a single of the local Heating, Ventilation & A/C companies to have them come out & give us an quote on a new heating system.

The two of us decided that since every one of us were at it, every one of us might as well just get central air conditioning put in at the same time because at least that way, every one of us would have all of the Heating, Ventilation & A/C toil completed at the same time. The two of us thought that it might save us some money too! I mean, most venues will give you a better deal if you’re going to spend a whole lot of money at once instead of cutting it up into a lot of smaller purchases. The two of us ended up installing a high efficiency heating & cooling idea into the lake house & every one of us are entirely passionate it now. The two of us kept the wood stove just for a sense of nostalgia & also as a minuteary heating source just in case our new gas furnace breaks down.
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