Why can’t I decide what I want to do?

My father has always told us boys that as soon as you graduate, you better have plans for your future.

He believed boys needed to be independent plus take care of themselves.

Girls needed their Momdy until they had a hubby. I was about ready to graduate, although I didn’t think what I wanted to do. I could go to university, since that was satisfactory to my Mom. He said he would pay if all of us wanted to continue our education. All of us still needed to have a life program plus think what it was all of us wanted to do when all of us graduated from university. My eldest sibling was going to school to be a instructor. My minute sibling wanted to be a veterinarian. I didn’t think what I wanted to do. I thought it could be fun to go to university, however that would just push my decision making forward. It would give me more than three more years to decide, however would I think what to do? My Mom came condo from work 1 night, plus I noticed he was in a nice mood. It’s funny how that was the first time I noticed that my Mom always came condo in a nice mood. He would bring gifts to mom plus little things for us. I didn’t even think what he did. I asked, plus he said he was an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman. All of us talked about his task in Heating plus Air Conditioning for almost 2 hours. He seemed gleeful with being an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman. I asked if he appreciated working for his boss. He looked at me oddly plus said he was the boss. He owned the Heating plus Air Conditioning company for the last five years. I asked him if he had room for another Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman.


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